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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do The Math, Folks - It Has to Add Up to God-Worthy!

We all get bombarded every day with numbers we cannot possibly comprehend. Our government spending in the billions, budgets of trillions – a few million here, a billion there – just numbers we cannot visualize or appreciate for their actual value. As for the vast majority of us, we will never personally experience such financial numbers in our life. So, class – today we will take a look at a simple number you can all relate to and comprehend.  Ready? Here we go ... today's number to consider is a relatively miniscule one: 


The number 66 is the focus of our financial life lesson today. Class, what can we buy for $.66? 

This, perhaps?

Nope! The average price of a cup of java from Starbucks runs from $2.50 - $5.00. Sorry, butcha ain't got 'nuff dough with your paltry sixty six cents for even that ...

Well, then ,,, how 'bout this?

  Nice try, but – sorry, hun ... still no. The average price for a small candy bar is now $.89. You are still twenty three cents short!

"Ah!" you say, "but – I know what I can buy!"

Getting closer, yes, but still ... NO BANANA! $.75 is the average for a daily print, even higher for Sunday versions. Frustrating, isn't it? It's a cryin' shame how little you can get for $.66 these days!

Hmmm – so we are having a wee bit of a hard time finding anything of value for $.66 aren't we? Well, let's consider ... what about the number itself? What are some important occurances, significant aspects of the number “66”? 

For one thing, there are 66 books in the Bible – we suggest you read them all! And get this ... if you turn to the 66th chapter in the Bible you will find in Exodus 16 this verse: 

Then the LORD said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. 

God provided manna daily to meet the needs of His people. And how about The Lord's Prayer - can you guess how many words it is composed of?

You guessed it – 66 words! We recommend living these 66 words each and every day. But let's get back to 66 when it comes to the loose change you have daily in your pocket. Here - here's what a mere $.66 looks like:

So far in our search we havn’t been able to find anything in our normal daily routine financially that is affordable or valuable at the low, low cost of $.66, have we? But - we do like the number 66! It's a good number, right?

"But why?" you ask, "and what is the meaning of it all, this seemingly divine number? How can I best put to use such little money - money that is hardly of any value in my daily life - money I could spend or lose and not even miss it!?"

Well class, I have good news for you! Let me teach you how $.66 per day has a value that will last for eternity! You see, class, $.66 per day = $20 per month.That twenty spot would enable Shiloh's Lighthouse Ministry to stay financially solvent and thrive, being able to help out youngsters like this -

For just $20 per month you could help a teenager whose father is no longer in the home or in his/her life have a mentor that will guide them through adolescence and help keep them from becoming yet another depressing statistic of societal failure.  

You will make a difference in the lives of single mothers as they find the support to raise their children surrounded by a community of faith and love. 

You will help an addict get set free from the bondage of addiction.

You will help develop strong bodies and minds through our boxing program.

Consider this, from a recent article in the Saginaw News, written by editorial journalist, Lindsay Knake, the title of the article which says it all:

"More Than One-Fourth of Saginaw County Children Living In Poverty!"

This is where we live, where we have planted our stake in the ground and claimed it as our turf. Our home, in which we work, witness, sow spiritual seeds, and make it possible for God's Work to be done ... by us, His servants! 

So. You want to know how to make use of about 2/3 of one buck each day toward that divine end? Here's how.

In an area where more than 25% of the children live in poverty, by pledging just $.66 per day ($20 a month) you will help us reach out to many children and families in need as we help them find whole-person balance: Mentally, Socially, Physically, Financially and Spiritually.

Alright class, there you have it. 66 is a good number! Now, for your homework, I want you to use 66 in a practical way. Go to the SLM web site, by Clicking HERE - and sign up to receive blessings that will go way beyond $.66 per day in value to you by joining our monthly financial support team! Give a small gift today, and commit yourself to $.66 per day in support of SLM. You will soon be telling all your friends just how awesome the number 66 is. 

Class dismissed – now get to your homework!

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