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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Wonder How, Amidst All This Magnificence ...

It amazes me when someone claims to be an atheist. Even agnostics give me pause to wonder ... "How? How can you witness all of this magnificent, unfathomablly complex, vast and gradiose cration, and not 'see' God in the All of IT!" Please relax and enjoy this six minute clip, and then tell me ...

... how can anyone not acknowledge the miraculous, majestic, and powerful presence of God?

Take in the glory of God all around you today, and every day, and take the time, while meditating in prayerful wonder, to (Psalm 46:10) ...

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Stanley Berber said...

Boggles the imagination, for sure. That's when I feel closest to God, when I'm in nature. We're so busy nowadays with meaningless, silly stuff, life's melodramas, that it's small wonder the rapid rise of numbers of atheists and agnostics, really ..... who takes the time to revel in the majesty of God's creation anymore?

Great clip, thanks for sharing that!

Roger said...

Is this the same God who made smallpox, cancer, bilharzia, alzheimers etc. etc. etc.?
Not to mention murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc. etc. etc.
Not to mention religions asking for money even though the don't want earthly things.

Silly people

cliffcakes said...

We Know there is ugly in the world but can't you just enjoy the beauty? There are so many wonder filled things in the world to look at. Thanks Marvin for sharing this with us. Much Love!

Roger said...

True, there are many beautiful things, but why do you need to invent a deity to explain them?

The Old Silly said...

Stan - I agree, we as a society are distracted by silly stuff - so much so that we see not the essence of "is-ness" that flows in, through, and out, all of us in a divine interconnectedness.

Roger - Welcome to our blog! I appreciate your comment and opinion, and am glad you took the time to state it. I also agree with you that far too many atrocities, henious and evil deeds of man against man have been committed in the name of "God" and "Religion". We do differ in our belief (or not) in a creator, apparently, but that's ok. We can agree to disagree, and I still love you with the same nondiscriminating Love of Christ that I love all people.

As for "Why do we need to 'invent' a deity?"

Let me ask you: Who invented you? YOU?

Please come back. We welcome all voices and opinions, so long as they are stated with clarity and non-viscious or judgmental. I can tell you are a thoughtful person.

Hey Cliffcakes! Glad to see you figured out how to (and DID) comment on our blog posts! Yay! Love you, sis! :-)

Marvin D Wilson

Roger said...

ou spoil that question with one word: "who". You're supposing that there has to be a being. No-one invented me, I'm the result of a sperm and ovum meeting and being brought to term, just like a flower or a kitten.

Marvin D Wilson said...

Ah! Roger - good point, my bad. Not so much "who" - implying the classic "Wise Old Man in the Sky" anthropomorphical image of a "God". I suppose "what" created you is better. Okay, so you say it was an egg and a sperm. What then, created the egg and the sperm? And the ensuing process that their enjoining resulted in a Roger?

The Old Silly

Roger said...

May I suggest that you read (again?) Mr Dawkins' excellent book "The Blind Watchmaker". Otherwise you'll just carry on to the origins of the universe.

All is explained by an enquiring mind without using the rambling myths of a bronze age culture to back up their desire for a "reason for existence".

There is no reason for existence and therefore no need to speculate a "creator".

Roger said...

Oh and if you doubt my ability to appreciate beauty, may I direct you to my Flickr page?

The Old Silly said...

I doubt not your ability to appreciate beauty, and I have of course read Dawkins' "Watchmaker" book, but I will not hesitate to ask you or anyone else, including sire Dawkins the Ultimate Question. And obviously we disagree on the answer to that question. Like I said earlier, we just disagree, that's all. No need to get riled. And I sense an irritation deep in you, a need to prove something to us "silly people" who believe in creationism. That also is ok. Truth is truth an truth will out. Let's be friends who simply have differing world views, and do our part in our own individual ways to make THIS world a better, more peaceful, and loveing one. Sound fair?

Roger said...

Sorry, but wilful ignorance annoys me. Anyone who, in the face of everything that's been found out about the world in the last couple of centuries, still thinks that we need to have a magic friend to explain things, is a sad commentary on humanity.

Aiding and abetting the dissemination of these beliefs is wrong - stultifying the sense of wonder by saying "magic man did it" is almost diabolical(!)
The best way to make this a better world would be to make people use their brains for reasoning, not for soaking up religion.

The Old Silly said...

Nope. Not buying it. And you are continuing to use the logic fallacy of "poisoning the well" with your "anyone who believes" and "silly people" proclomations disqualifies (illogically) anyone who hold a differing opinion.

Can't let go of this, can you? It's VERY important to your well being to PROVE to the world and all 'believers' that they are wrong.

Not happening. Not with me, not with anyone of faith with the brains and soul to, as you say we cannot, "think for ourselves". You haven't said anything I've not heard before, and your arguments are plagiarized bits of borowed wisdom. Spiriual realism is an EXPERIENCE - not a quote from a scripture (although scripture is a good pointer, a living, evolving actuater for someone seeking the experience of truth), not from any man-made "religion". From this - experience of unity and Oneness - I draw my belief.

From what indisputable source do you draw yours?

Roger said...

As far as I can see, I haven't used any arguments plagiarised or otherwise. So you were naughty saying I had.

Your justification seems to be "I feel it, therefore it is".
Your certainty comes from inside your head, mine comes from science.

Why is "anyone who believes ..." illogical? (note that you pull the words out of context) "Silly people" was a mistake, I admit.

It's only important to my well being as a member of the Human Race who hates to see the only thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world - the intellect - being misused.

Speaking of borrowed wisdom, from where do you get your "wisdom" to claim a deity? Do you honestly believe that you would still believe the same if you had been born in (say) Siam or Angola? Of course you wouldn't, so all your "wisdom" is borrowed from your environment.

Again, I repeat that I haven't used ANY argument, there is no way of arguing with someone who has taken his imagined EXPERIENCEs as fact.

Off to bed: it's 2 AM here.

Good night & may your God bless you

The Old Silly said...

No, my 'wisdom' is not borrowed, nor "imagined." It is my own personal experience, and yes, the experience of Unity is available to any seeker in ANY country or culture - they might call "IT" something else, but that's just language, culture, and mortal conditional words. So no, my certainty does not come from my head, it comes from my heart and - OH GOD! The Unprovable scientifically SOUL!

Roger, I really enjoyed our exchange this evening, and please feel free to stop by and make your opinions known anytime. Or, equally good, just enjoy yourself and this marvelous experience we BOTH call "life".

LOL, good night, and may my "my God" bless you too!

Anonymous said...

We are told in the Bible to wonder in awe and amazement at God's creation. Even athiest physicists acknowledge an intelligent design to life and the universe we live in, although that's as far as many will go. The more we discover, the more we see God's handiwork in His creation.

The Old Silly said...

Stephen, well said. But the "seeing" is only seen, as Christ said, by those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear," unfortunately. Glad to see you stopping by, my friend. :-)

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for sharing the video, Marvin. I loved watching it again!