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Monday, March 14, 2011

Like a Thief in the Night

Last night our church was robbed. Yup. Apparently there aren't enough easy marks around this area to break into, so these cads had to go into the House of God to get their petty spoils. Took two guitars, a guitar amplifier and effects pedal, a keyboard, and a monitor speaker. Snuck in through the gymnasium side door, which apparently had not been pulled shut tightly enough to engage the lock. We don't have theft of contents insurance--only catastrophic coverage--and even if we had, the $1,000 deductable would've made the point moot. So we lost some of our stuff, some of the tools we use for Praise and Worship services.

Just things. 

Things are replaceable. We worry not about somehow replacing them. Our people and friends will rally, work together and find a way to restock the Praise Band's equipment. It's not the loss of 'things' that troubles me enough to compose and publish this short post. No. It's the loss of the soul that troubles me, that gives me pause for great concern.

Obviously, if you are reading this and could help with a donation of musical equipment and/or cash with which to replace the things we have been relieved of, that would be greatly appreciated ... but more importantly ...

Please join me, Pastor Dana, and the rest of SLM's congregation in prayer for the person or persons who stole from us. An act like this--taking from the church, stealing in like cowards under cloak of darkness in the wee hours of the morning--is evidence of lost souls, a sad state of disconnection from God.  A morose madness of the mind, heart, and soul.

Jesus has promised He will come "as a thief in the night," when we least expect it. Let us pray together that whoever took what was not theirs from the church last night will find Him, repent, be forgiven and made whole--a new creation in Christ--before the end of days and the point of no return.

God bless you all , thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for your help in whatever capacity it is possible. 

Rejoice in the Lord today, and every day! God is Good!

Your Friend,
Marvin D Wilson (the Old Silly himself)

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Joyce Anthony said...

I will be praying for the light to shine within the souls of whoever did this. The thought did occur to me that the thief was led to the church--maybe as a means to reach out or simply because an alternative may have been the last of someone's money for the month,leaving them with no food.

The Old Silly said...

Mmhmm, yes, Joyce ... and enlightened response as I've come to expect from you, old friend. Reminds me of the words of wisdom I once read--and I'm sorry I can't remember the source--but, some wise person said, of stealing, that "They (the thiefs) must have needed it more than I did."

And in the truest, deepest sense, that is the sad veracity of the situation. And I too hope and pray that this is a presursor to a God-connection being made. Who knows - God works in mysterious ways, hmm? Whoever stole from SLM may one day be one of the strongest members and supporters of the ministry!

Stanley Berber said...

Good to see you're taking the "high road" spiritually on the matter, Marv. I agree and hope along with Joyce and you that the incident will turn out to be a veritable "blessing in disguise."

I really like that wise saying you quoted about thieves. They are truly more in NEED than the ones being stolen from. Blessings to you, the SLM ministry, and ... to those in such dire need.

The Old Silly said...

Thank you Stan - yes, that saying has stuck with me over the years and is a solace when I'm the recipient of thievery. It helps put things in perspective, hmm?

tracyhaller said...

Well needless to say its a sad when one must steal from a church! It is very hard to try and forgive and love the people who did this but it is what we are called to do by God and it is what SLM will do! As you have said, my dear old silly, they must need those things more than we did! And as always when God closes the door He opens the window! The "things" will be replaced in ways that will glorify our Lord, teach us to have mercy and as always become a blessing more than a lesson!

The Old Silly said...

That's the attitude, Tracy - spoken like a true SLM'er! :-)