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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is Shiloh’s Lighthouse Ministry?

Just exactly what is Shiloh's Lighthouse Ministry? 

First, here is what we are NOT:

We are not 'just' a 'church'. We are much, much more than that (see below).

We are not 'religious' in the traditional sense of dogmatic, judgmental, man-made rule-driven regimens of 'acting righteous' in order to 'be worthy' of heaven and salvation. We teach and practice the true freedom of life and a life of abundance through knowing and having a personal, intimate relationship with Christ Jesus--submitting to, reuniting with, and becoming One with God and God's Will. 

We are not here to judge or condemn anyone, no matter what your life circumstances, habits, problems, whatever, are. We love and accept everyone, in whatever situation, and we "See all people through the eyes of Jesus" --- who never judged or condemned anyone, except the self-righteous, pious 'religious' people of His times. No matter your race and/or ethnic background, social and economic status, or political, sexual, religious (or not) persuasion, all are accepted and loved equally.

So that's what Shiloh is not. What are we then?

A church?  Yes, we are – we have regular worship services each Sunday starting at 10:30 AM. Our services include a talented Praise & Worship Band (they call themselves the Average Praise Band) that do original music as well as contemporary favorites and updated versions of many of the classic hymns. Each week there is special programming for children as well. There is a message that challenges us straight from the Bible and lots of fellowship before and after the service. SLM is a non-denominational church.

A Boxing Program? Yes - in 2009 we put in a full boxing facility, including a sparring ring, heavy punching bags, speed bags and other boxing training equipment, and established Shiloh Boxing Club. Our program is a USA Amateur Boxing program that has certified volunteer coaches who train children through young adults in the sweat science. Out team participates in several boxing shows each year throughout the state as well as in national tournaments such as Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves, Junior Olympics and US Amateur Men’s Open.

A Home for At-Risk Boys? Yes - since SLM began it has provided a home to a dozen at-risk young men in the form of temporary shelter to long term housing. Pastor Dana mentors the young men and stands in the gap for them as a father figure.

A Community Center? Yes – from social activities to tutoring to physical fitness programming, Zumba Dancing, and music lessons, SLM opens its doors to the community for people of all ages to come in and have a safe place to gather for a wide variety of programs.

A Mentoring Program? Yes – many at-risk young people come through the doors of SLM each week that are in need of caring adult mentors to help guide them in their development into adulthood. Mentors help provide Whole-Person guidance, Mental, Social, Physical and Spiritual.

A Non-Profit Ministry? Yes – SLM  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. All donations to SLM are tax deductable.

When you support SLM you are helping a fledgling program reach a wide variety of people. SLM is making a real difference in the lives of many people of all ages. Since we reach out to many at-risk youth and families in need, we survive in large part on the kindness of others who financially support our work. This is a necessity, as a large percentage of those who come to us are living below the poverty level. Those who come to the Sunday services give as they can, and they do so faithfully, but the tithes and offerings from our still small but growing congregation is not yet sufficient to finance all of our valuable and needed programs. It is through our monthly fund-raiser dinners and appeals for monthly supporters (@ $20 per month) that we seek to raise the capital needed not only to meet our budget, but to expand the ministry as well.

The current economy has been difficult on us all. Non-Profit ministries such as SLM have struggled to meet their budgets as people have had to cut back. We face a very real need to increase our monthly support base as the winter month utility bills have drained an already slim budget do a dangerously low point. We know many read our ministry blog and have become aware of our outreach programs. We are asking and praying that you who are reading this blog would consider becoming a part of our support team at only $20 per month, just $.66 per day. The need is great, the difference your $20 will make is eternal – thank you for considering joining our team. 

Keep the Faith- 

Pastor Dana

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