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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Falling Asleep in Church!

PD and a lot of other folks, The Old Silly included, enjoy the hilarious skits of Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins. This one's an exceptional hoot, and one that most of us can relate to!

 That's it for today, nothing heavy, just wanted to share some fun and laughter with y'all. Blog dismissed, peeps. Hey - if you have a favorite Hawkins skit, leave it in the comments. Laughter is good for the soul, and here at SLM we promote good, clean, and healthy humour. A bit of a dying art these days, hmm?

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Stanley Berber said...

Now THAT's funny! LOL, reminds me of me as a kid, forced to go to church by my Mom, and falling asleep ... I'd get whacked across the back of the head, lol.

True, though, the art of being funny without resorting to vulgar language and sexual inuendo is becoming lost. Thanks for this, I'll look up more of Tim's stuff!

Cinda Kinney-Simmons said...

Great!!! It didn’t hurt either that he resembles my favorite NASCAR (think #88) driver (Winking smile)

The Old Silly said...

Stan, lol - I can remember 'forced' church attendance and nodding off much to the chagrin of parents and elders, too, teehee!

Cinda - hey thanks for dropping by. Glad you got a stitch, he is one funny guy! But - you're into NASCAR?! Cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Its great to hear clean humor ... also we saw Soul Searcher. Great movie to promote about faith, family, and overcoming. Out at theatres this weekend.

vernwelch said...

This is great and so very often the truth! ROFL! We need to see what we look like to others. No wonder we look so silly!

The Old Silly said...

Hey Verne - I see you figger'd out howta leave a comment! Nice goin' y'ol' dinosaur!!

LOL, now ahm, kindly sign up to "FOLLOW" this blog, and git back over to Religion is a Crock of Hooey! Blog, and do the same there, please?

Pretty please with sucrose on it?